Product Video for the 24 Channel DAC for Quantum Electronics Research

Released in August 2021, the QDAC-II is the second generation ultra-low noise high resolution 24-channel voltage source from QDevil.

Watch the product video of the QDAC-II on our YouTube Channel.

This video invites you to see a 24 channel digital voltage source for qubit tuning. Among many new and advanced features the main three highlights of this instrument are:

  • Noise level down to 10 nV/√Hz. 
  • Sample rate of 1MS/s.
  • Up to 25-bit resolution. 

This new product is designed for DC, and low-frequency control of quantum devices, including, e.g., gate electrodes and flux bias coils in qubits, thus being a very versatile instrument usable for many other purposes. Each of the 24 channels has five voltage generators working in parallel: One for DC, a sine generator, a triangle generator, a square wave generator, and an arbitrary waveform generator. Additionally, each channel is equipped with a DC current sensor with a resolution down to a few tens of pA, typically used for gate leakage detection. 

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