Meet us at the 2022 APS March Meeting

February 19th, 2022

We will be attending this year’s American Physical Society (APS) March Meeting in Chicago from March 14-18. Come and meet our team at booth no. 500 and hear about our products. In addition, we are hosting two commercial workshops, and our colleague Joost van der Heijden is giving a scientific talk on electron temperature measurement in session K31.

Workshop 1
New Products for Quantum Electronics and Qubit Research

Part 1: In this workshop, we will present QDevil’s new advanced voltage source QDAC-II, designed for DC control of quantum dot-based qubits and flux biasing in superconducting qubits with many other applications. 

Part 2: Scalable superconducting quantum hardware requires extremely complex sample holders, so far out of reach for the broader scientific community. QDevil, therefore, decided to develop a versatile high-fidelity qubit sample holder with 24 coaxial transmission lines optimized up to 18 GHz. We present the benefits and show performance data that confirms superior low loss and long coherence performance with Q-factors well over a million.

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Presented by Anders Kühle, Ph.D., Product Manager and Søren Andresen, Ph.D., Senior Product Scientist

Date: Tuesday, March 15, 2022
Time: 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM CDT
Room: APS Theater 2

Workshop 2
Troubleshooting Quantum Experimental Setups and Helping Quantum Researchers Succeed

In this workshop, we take you through the essential experiments to troubleshoot typical issues in your experimental setup for low-temperature quantum experiments. We will cover the best practices to characterize issues of ground loops, electrical, magnetic, and vibrational noise, as well as discuss the optimal ways of improving your experiment through shielding, filtering, thermalization, and other setup considerations. As a case study, we will cover optimizing a single quantum dot experiment, in terms of noise, measurement speed, and electron thermometry. Furthermore, we will be available for discussing your own specific challenges with our experimental experts.

Presented by Merlin von Soosten, Ph.D., Product Scientist and Joost van der Heijden Ph.D., Research Scientist

Date: Wednesday, March 16, 2022
Time: 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM CDT
Room: APS Theater 1

Scientific Talk
Direct Comparison of Millikelvin Primary Electron Thermometers and Cryogenic Low-pass Filters

About the scientific talk:

Keeping the effective temperature of electrons close to the temperature provided by a dilution refrigerator is not an easy task. It requires the integration of low-pass filters, thermal anchoring, and radiation shielding. Primary electron thermometers allow an accurate measurement of the achieved electron temperature. In this presentation, three electron thermometers are discussed: Single quantum dots, Coulomb blockade thermometers (CBTs), and NIS junctions. The details of these three thermometry methods are discussed in detail and we show measurements in standard experimental conditions using the QDevil QFilter, finding consistently electron temperatures below 30 mK. We use the CBT thermometry method to investigate the influence of the presence of a low-pass filter.

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Presented by Joost van der Heijden, PhD, Research Scientist

Date: Tuesday, March 15,  2022
Time: 4:48-5:00 PM CDT
Session K31: Instrumentation 2: Optical, Thermal, and More
Room: McCormick Place W-192A

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