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Meet us at the ICPS Conference in Sydney

2022-06-03: We welcome you to visit us at our booth no. 7 at the International Conference on the Physics of Superconductors from June 27th to June 30th in Sydney. Read more here

Quantum Machines Acquires QDevil to Provide Full-Stack Orchestration Platform

2022-03-30: Quantum Machines (QM), creator of the first universal quantum computing cloud infrastructure, today announced its acquisition of Danish quantum computing leader QDevil.

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Webinar: Control and faster tuning of qubits and with QDAC-II – a versatile and ultra-stable voltage source

2022-03-28: Join our webinar on Tuesday, April 26, on QDevil’s advanced 2nd generation 24-channel high precision DC voltage source and low-frequency waveform generator, the QDAC-II.

Meet us at the 2022 APS March Meeting

2022-02-19 We are attending this year’s American Physical Society APS) March Meeting in Chicago from March 14-18. Come and meet our team at booth no. 500 and hear about our newest products. In addition, we are hosting two commercial workshops.

New Cryogenic Sample Holders for High-fidelity Qubit Measurements

2022-12-20: On January 26th, 2022 we are hosting another edition of our webinar on a new microwave-cavity sample holder for high-fidelity qubit measurements, targeted at superconducting quantum processors with up to 20 qubits.

Webinar: New Cryogenic Sample Holders for High-fidelity Qubit Measurements

2021-11-15: Join our webinar on December 7, 2021, where we introduce the QCage.24, QDevil’s new microwave-cavity sample holder for high-fidelity qubit measurements, targeted at superconducting quantum processors with up to 20 qubits.

Product Launch – Superconducting Qubit Chip Carrier

2021-10-05: QDevil is releasing a new sample holder system, targeted at superconducting quantum processors with tens of qubits.

Product video for the 24 Channel DAC for Quantum Electronics Research

2021-09-03: Released in August 2021, the QDAC-II is the second generation ultra-low noise high-resolution 24-channel voltage source from QDevil.

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The Official Launch of the 24 Channel DAC for Quantum Electronics Research

2021-08-10: We have big news for all users and potential users of the QDAC. We are announcing our new ultra-low noise high resolution 24-channel voltage source, the QDAC II.

The Quantum Hardware Firm QDevil Celebrates its 5th Anniversary

2021-07-07: This summer, we are happy to announce QDevil’s 5th anniversary. 

QDevil Opens a Subsidiary in the USA

2021-05-12: To enhance and ease business between US customers and QDevil, a new subsidiary – QDevil Inc., has been established in the United States. 

Techniques for Thermalizing Electrons at milli-Kelvin Temperatures

2021-04-29: Do you want to learn more about how to thermalize electrons in a dilution refrigerator? Join our live webinar on May 26th, 2021 to learn how to set up a low-noise cryogenic electron transport experiment, using the QFilter-II.

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Workshop at the APS March Meeting 2021

2021-03-09: Meet us at our virtual booth at the 2021 American Physical Society (APS) March, where we are exhibiting on the days of March 15 – 19th, 2021. On Thursday, March 18th at 2 PM CDT (20:00 CET) we are hosting a workshop where we will present the talk Minimizing Electron Temperature with the QFilter. 

Optimizing Electron Temperature in Quantum Dot Devices

2021-03-09: QDevil is presenting a detailed procedure for quantifying the temperature of the electrons in your milli-Kelvin experiments in our new application note.

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Nordic Cryogenic Quantum Collaboration

2021-03-05: QDevil is proud to announce a new collaboration with Bluefors, one of the leading providers of dilution refrigerators. Our QFilter is now available both through Bluefors and through QDevil.

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Webinar: Gate Space Scanning and Keeping Qubits Stable Using the QDAC

2020-12-02: Join our webinar on December 9th, 2020, on QDevil’s multichannel DAC (the QDAC) and its functionalities for quantum transport measurements.

QDevil Launches Next Generation Quantum Chip Carrier

2020-10-21: A new chip carrier from QDevil now extends the frequency range of the existing sample holder system – the QBoard. The QBoard already provides 48 DC lines and 16 (1 GHz) RF lines. The new daughterboard extends the lines with additional four 12 GHz lines through its on-board mini-SMP connectors facilitating experiments up in the microwave Xband.

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