The QBox and the QDevil Fischer cable: The perfect solution for accessing the signals

What does Breakout Box mean?

To get access to the many wires and signals inside a complex cable one would need to cut it open and cut or connect to the individual wires in the cable. A “clean” solution is to have a breakout box to which the complex cable is connected. Inside the box, the individual wires from the cable are routed to connectors and switches on the front panel.

What is the QBox breakout box used for?

The QBox is a fully shielded breakout box specialized for electronics labs and low-temperature experiments. The QBox extends the Faraday cage of the cryostat going from a 24 pin Fischer connector to a convenient 24 channel BNC connector panel. All wiring inside the QBox is done in twisted pairs for best noise immunity. Switches enable connecting each channel directly to ground or a common bus, which greatly simplifies the measurement of ESD sensitive multi-terminal devices.

The QBox. 24 channel Fischer to BNC breakout box with BNC numbering 1-24

The QBox. 24 channel Fischer to BNC breakout box with BNC numbering 1-24.

QBox – a flexible shielded breakout solution

24 channel Fischer to BNC double shielded cable with twisted pairs from QDevil.

24 channel Fischer to BNC double-shielded cable with twisted pairs.

  • The QBox helps protecting the sample, as each channel can be grounded or connected to a common bus.
  • The common bus is accessed via a BNC connector to which for example a fixed resistor can be connected.
  • Inside the QBox, wires are twisted in pairs as 1-2, 3-4, …, 23-24.
  • The QBox is available in two versions, one with numbering 1..24 and one with numbering 25..48
  • The QBox fits in a standard 19” rack (occupying a height of 4U).

The QDevil Fischer Cable

  • The QBox is used with a flexible, low-noise cable assembly with 24-channel Fischer connectors (plugs) in each end which extends the cryostat shield to the breakout box.
  • Inside the Fischer cable, the wires are configured as twisted pairs which are individually shielded.
  • An outer metal braid provides improved shielding and grounding.

Further details about QBox are available upon request: