Ultra-low noise and ultra-stable multi-channel voltage source

QDAC-II is the next generation of the successful QDAC from QDevil. It has all the outstanding features from its predecessor but is even more versatile and with superior performance.

The 24 channel voltage source with 25 bit resolution and advanced features for controlling tunable qubits

QDAC-II is a high-precision ultra-low-noise computer controlled DAC with 24 voltage generators, operating at a sample rate of 1MS/s – a thousand times faster than its predecessor. It is designed for DC and intermediate-frequency control of quantum devices, including, for example, gate electrodes and flux bias coils in qubits, but is a very versatile instrument that can be used for many other purposes. Each of the 24 channels has five voltage generators working in parallel: One for DC, a sine generator, a triangle generator, a square wave generator, and an arbitrary waveform generator (1 million points/second). Additionally, each channel is equipped with a DC current sensor with a resolution down to a few tens of pA, typically used for gate leakage detection and with sample rates up to 3 kHz.

All in all, the QDAC II offers a high-performance cost-effective solution with multiple expansion capabilities.

What are the highlights?

  • Ultra-low noise and ultra stable multi-channel voltage source.
  • 24 individual DAC channels.
  • Unique low pass output filter design, with 3 ranges that can be switched between with minimal transients. The high bandwidth mode has a cut-off of 300 kilohertz, the medium bandwidth mode has a cut-off of 10 kilohertz, and the DC mode has a cut-off of 10 Hz.
  • 25 bit resolution in DC mode (10 Hz cut-off), 20 bit in medium bandwidth mode (10 kHz cut-off) and in high bandwidth (fast) mode (300 kHz cut-off) and one million samples per second.
  • Each channel has multiple standard waveform generators and an arbitrary waveform generator.
  • Individual high resolution low-frequency current sensors on every channel, measuring current simultaneously on all channels.
  • Advanced triggering and synchronization functions between channels with sub-microsecond precision.
  • Controlled via galvanically isolated gigabit ethernet or opto-coupled USB.
  • Galvanically isolated trigger inputs and outputs, to avoid ground loops.
  • Multiple QDAC-II units can be synchronized.
  • External galvanically low-noise linear power supply, to be placed at some distance from the instrument, to minimize 50/60 Hz noise.

Watch the product video of the QDAC-II here.

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