The Official Launch of the 24 Channel DAC for Quantum Electronics Research

August 10th, 2021

We have big news for all users and potential users of the QDAC. We are announcing our new ultra-low noise high resolution 24-channel voltage source, the QDAC II.

The QDAC-II has all the great features of the QDAC, but now with 1000 x higher sample speed, higher resolution, less noise, improved current measurement, and many other new features.

What are the highlights? 

  • 24 individual DAC channels with 25 bit resolution in DC mode, and a fast mode with 20 bit resolution and one million samples per second, each with multiple standard waveforms and an arbitrary waveform generator.
  • Unique low pass output filter design, including 3 switchable ranges with minimal transients. The high bandwidth mode has a cut-off of 300 kHz, the medium bandwidth mode has a cut-off of 10 kHz, and the DC mode has a cut-off of 10 Hz.
  • Individual high resolution low-frequency current sensors on every channel, allowing measuring current simultaneously on all channels.
  • Advanced triggering and synchronization functions between channels with sub-microsecond precision.
  • Controlled via galvanically isolated gigabit ethernet or opto-coupled USB.
  • Galvanically isolated trigger inputs and outputs, to avoid ground loops.

Watch the product video of the QDAC-II on our YouTube Channel.

Further details about the QDAC-II are available upon request: